Project Overview & Background

The CAREAPP project aims to improve access to social support services and resources for clients through a web-based tool. 

The Howard County Health Department understands the growing need to support healthy living beyond traditional health care settings.  The social determinants of health are the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, and age.  Social needs have a large effect on a person's health.[1]  Finding social supports can greatly improve the health and quality of life for individuals and entire communities.


In Howard County, effective partnerships amongst medical providers, social services, public health and community-based organizations can improve health outcomes for individuals and our community.  CAREAPP provides a single tool for network providers in Howard County and their clients to quickly identify social needs, to select and electronically link clients to the best community resources, and to monitor ongoing social needs for their client.

The CAREAPP pilot project expects to achieve the following short-term outcomes:

  1.  Identification of unmet health and social needs in Howard County (quality & capacity)

  2.  Enhanced  care coordination processes (in-network bi-directional referral tracking)

  3.  Assessment of  the Howard County's future needs for social support services

  4.  Client and provider/user satisfaction with the CAREAPP tool and use (usability & acceptability)



[1] Accountable Health Communities (AHC) Model Fact Sheet.

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