Coordinate Lead Check-In: February 9 , 2018


  1. Referrals to Date:

    • 72 Coordinate 

    • 25 Track

  2. Network Partners

    • 26 out of 27 signed CPA -  Housing Commission pending​

    • 4 Partners have elected to only send outgoing Coordinate referrals: ACS, FIRN, Grassroots & Way Station

    • Columbia Pregnancy Center has decided to discontinue their participation for the remainder of pilot year but may rejoin at a later date

  3. Product Development​

    • Ability to upload and attach a PDF document/application to Cooridnate referral ​coming soon! 

  4. Referral Status Definitions​

Actions Requested:

  1. Complete survey:  Please complete this 2-minute survey by 2/16/18.

  2. Track Resource Gaps: Download spreadsheet to document client who are not eligible for resources or services and therefore cannot be referred via CAREAPP.

  3. Continue to create/process Coordinate referrals! Goal of 3 referrals/agency/week. Natalie Hall available for on-site assistance.

  4. Join next check-in call:  Friday, 2/23/18 at 11:30am-12pm.  Healthify will explain how to interpret monthly reports (User Census and Executive Summary).

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